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Recent Press Coverage

Returning giant tortoises are helping recreate the Galapagos islands Darwin saw (05/07/23), Anthropocene

Major Discovery Gives Hope for Saving Critically Endangered Pink Iguana (12/21/22), PR Newswire

When an Extinct Species Is Found Alive, What Happens Next? (11/01/22), The Scientist

The Galápagos Islands: Economy over Ecosystems (10/14/22), Harvard International Review

The Galapagos penguin, one of the world’s rarest, sees a glimmer of hope (10/13/22), National Geographic

‘Fantastic giant tortoise’ species thought extinct for 100 years found alive (6/9/22), The Guardian

Comeback Critters: Fernanda the Giant Tortoise (May 2022, article not available online), National Geographic Kids Magazine

A New Galapagos Tortoise Species May Have Just Been Discovered (3/14/22), VICE

New giant tortoise species found in Galapagos after DNA study (3/11/22),

Why Is the Galapagos Penguin Endangered? Threats and How You Can Help (2/28/22), Treehugger

This Galápagos Volcano Produced a ‘Mesmerizing’ River of Fire (2/9/22), New York Times

Población de tortugas gigantes de isla Pinzón, en Galápagos, se recupera (1/31/22), El Universo

Ecuador Expands Protected Galapagos Marine Reserve by More Than 23,000 Square Miles (1/27/22), Treehugger

Meet Fernanda, the Galápagos Tortoise Lost for Over a Century (6/2/21), Smithsonian Magazine

Giant tortoise thought extinct 100 years ago is living in Galapagos, Ecuador says (5/27/21), CNN

Giant tortoise thought to be extinct 112 years ago found on Galapagos Island (5/27/21), USA Today

Darwin’s Arch, famed Galápagos rock formation, collapses from erosion (5/19/21), Washington Post

These Galápagos tortoises have returned home after saving their species (7/6/20), Lonely Planet

These tortoises saved their species from extinction. Now they’re back home (7/1/20), CNN Travel

Diego, key to saving his species, returns home after more than 80 years (6/19/20), UN Environment

Not so ‘Lonesome?’ Galápagos tortoise subspecies thought extinct lives on. (2/3/20), NBC News

Tortuga Diego regresará a la isla Española (1/12/20), Ecuavisa (video featuring Wacho Tapia and James Gibbs, in Spanish)

The tortoise whose rampant sex drive helped save his species is finally retiring (1/12/20), The Washington Post

Diego, the Tortoise Whose High Sex Drive Helped Save His Species, Retires (1/12/20), The New York Times

This giant tortoise isn’t extinct after all (2/22/19), BBC Newsday

How an ‘extinct’ tortoise was rediscovered after a century (2/22/19), National Geographic

Innovative Conservation Strategies Help Restore Nearly Extinct Tortoises On Galapagos Islands (2/21/19), Wisconsin Public Radio

‘Extinct’ Galapagos tortoise found after 100 years (2/21/19), CNN

Unraveling The Mysteries Of Sharks In The Galápagos Thanks To An App (2/13/19), Forbes

Previous Key Press Coverage

Years after his death, Lonesome George’s genome offers clues to long life (12/4/18), PBS

In death, Lonesome George reveals why giant tortoises live so long (12/3/18),

Exploring Galapagos snakes on volcanoes (7/26/18),

The Galápagos Tortortoise Next Door (4/23/17), Scientific American

Innovative Conservation Strategies Help Restore Nearly Extinct Tortoises On Galapagos Islands (3/3/17), Wisconsin Public Radio, featuring Dr. James Gibbs

Giant Tortoises Island Hop Across the Galapagos (8/5/15), The New York Times

Historic Discovery for Giant Tortoises (3/15/15), CNN

Undoing the Damage to the Galapagos (12/22/14), MSNBC

Galapagos (7/1/14), Radiolab