Conservation Action Grants

Major Grants for Conservation Impact III

Galápagos Conservancy is offering a total of up to $750,000 in June 2022 to organizations and individuals to conduct targeted research, conservation and community support actions in 2022 that directly address priorities identified by the Galápagos Conservancy and Conservando Galápagos Science and Conservation team together with the Galapagos National Park Directorate.

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Small Grants

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Galápagos Conservancy, en colaboración con nuestros socios, ofrece cuatro oportunidades para recibir premios para acciones de sostenibilidad y/o conservación en las Islas.

  1. Premios por acciones de conservación en Galápagos
  2. Premios de WISE (Women in Sustainability Entrepreneurship / Mujeres en Emprendimiento Sostenible)
  3. Fondo Galápagos de Celebrity Cruises
  4. Fondo Galápagos de Silversea

Puede solicitar más de un premio en la solicitud.

Galápagos Conservancy, in collaboration with our partners, is offering four opportunities to receive grants for sustainability and/or conservation actions in the Galápagos Islands.

  1. Galápagos Conservation Action Awards
    • For projects that propose innovative solutions and/or take the necessary actions to address and resolve sustainability and/or conservation priorities in the Islands.
  2. WISE (Women in Sustainability Entrepreneurship) Awards
    • For small, women-owned businesses focused on sustainability in Galápagos.
  3. Celebrity Fund Awards
    • For projects that promote conservation and sustainability in Galápagos.
  4. Silversea Fund Awards
    • For projects related to (1) education and training for sustainability and (2) science and conservation.