Government Partners

Galápagos Conservancy’s primary governmental partner in Galápagos is the Galápagos National Park Directorate.  We have provided support for key positions at the Park for more than two decades and have responded to emergency requests from the Park on matters of critical and immediate need. 

We also work with the Galápagos Governing Council and have supported technical training, quarantine and control measures, new techniques in animal husbandry and care, sustainable agricultural and integrated pest management. These measures are part of the Biosecurity Agency’s complex and critical portfolio of projects designed to keep invasive species out of the Islands and protect threatened and endangered native and endemic species.

Finally, we are working with the Ecuadorian Ministry of the Environment to create a new Galápagos-based curriculum for public education throughout Galápagos. The Ministry has created a far-reaching plan to create able and effective students who will be the environmental stewards of Galápagos into the future.