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The rules of tourism are strict in Galápagos, and they need to be if we want to keep the Islands unspoiled, but still accessible. Naturalist guide training, cruise boat itineraries, and even the quarantine checks you will encounter at the airport are all designed to give you the best experience possible while protecting these fragile Islands and the marine world around them. Coupled with a strong emphasis on education and interpretation, Galapagos tourism has been a positive force for the protection of these special islands. With the future of Galápagos at stake, we urge you to choose a tour provider that respects the destination and gives back to protecting these remarkable Islands.

Choosing a travel provider is the most important decision you’ll make when planning your trip to Galápagos.

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Isabela Society - Platinum

Fernandina Society - Gold

With more than two decades of experience, Golden Galapagos is a full-service cruise operator specialized in luxury cruises in the Galapagos Islands and top experiential travel on mainland Ecuador. Headquartered in Quito, Ecuador, and having two operations offices in the Galapagos archipelago, Golden Galapagos owns and operates three luxury Catamarans in the Islands.

Tauck is a well-established tour operator that offers a wide range of guided tours and cruises to destinations around the world. Founded in 1925, Tauck is known for its high-quality, all-inclusive travel experiences, exceptional service, and attention to detail. The company offers a variety of travel styles, including land tours, river cruises, small ship cruises, and family adventures.

Intrepid Travel is an adventure travel company that offers small-group tours to destinations all around the world. Founded in 1989 by two friends in Melbourne, Australia, Intrepid Travel has grown to become one of the largest adventure travel companies globally. The company focuses on providing authentic, sustainable, and immersive travel experiences for its customers.

Santiago Society $5,000 – $9,999

An eco-luxury approach to hospitality, security, innovation and conservation in Galápagos.

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Española Society - Bronze

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Team of Galápagos Conservancy

Ivonne Torres

Conservation Partnertships Coordinator

Ivonne has been in love with the Galápagos Islands since she was a child. She is a tourism specialist. The islands and their protection have led her to work as a naturalist guide, being able to communicate to our visitors the importance of Galápagos and preserving it as one of the most unique places of the world. Her experience is varied. The Charles Darwin Foundation hired her as a liaison between the scientific and tourism sectors of the islands, allowing her to show the importance of science for conservation. She also worked, for several years, as Director of Sustainable Development for the City of Santa Cruz, Galápagos. This gave her the opportunity to work hands-on with the Fishing, agricultural and tourism sectors and their role on the sustainable balance of the islands. Ivonne is now our Conservation Partnership Coordinator.