Galápagos Conservancy

Become a Travel Partner

Why become a Galápagos Conservancy Travel Partner?

As a Galápagos Conservancy Travel Partner, your company demonstrates its commitment to protecting the fragile ecosystems and wildlife of the Galápagos Islands. Working together, we can ensure a sustainable future for Galápagos.

GC Travel Partners enjoy:

  • The credibility of working with and supporting the only US-based conservation organization dedicated exclusively to preserving, protecting, and restoring one of the most awe-inspiring destinations in the world.
  • The opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to social responsibility and environmentally sustainable tourism.

How does my company become a Galápagos Conservancy Travel Partner?

For as little as $1,000 a year, you can become a GC Travel Partner. As your annual gift grows, so do the benefits for your company. We have four membership levels based on annual donations ranging from $1,000 up to $100,000. Partners may:

  • Make a single annual corporate donation (or series of monthly donations) to GC.
  • Encourage and collect individual donations to GC from travelers or clients.
  • Combine a corporate donation with funds from travelers to increase the impact on Conservation

 Conservancy is happy to consider other creative ways to establish partnerships with companies serving the Galápagos tourism industry. Our travel partners conduct business in accordance with all Galápagos National Park rules and regulations and demonstrate sustainable, environmentally-responsible and ethical hiring and management practices.

If you are interested in becoming a Travel Partner or would like more information, please send us an email.