Sustainable Tourism

Looking for a sustainability-minded tour operator? Start with our list of Galápagos Conservancy Sustainable Travel Partners.

What does "Sustainable Tourism" mean in Galápagos?
  • The Galápagos National Park Directorate (GNPD) and the Ecuadorian Ministry of Tourism require that tour providers strive to make their businesses as environmentally friendly as possible. Galápagos tour providers must take steps to:
  • Conserve water and energy
  • Recycle and treat waste material
  • Source locally produced products
  • Hire local employees, pay them a fair wage, and offer them additional training

Some companies go beyond simply complying with regulations and are proactive in their efforts to preserve Galapagos by supporting community and conservation projects. Galápagos Conservancy encourages visitors to Galapagos to travel with accredited, licensed tour providers with a strong commitment to Galápagos conservation. Our Travel Partners have corporate philosophies or are members of organizations that ensure adherence to strict environmental standards and social responsibility in their operations.

In 1979, the Galápagos Islands became the world’s first UNESCO-designated World Heritage Site — an honor bestowed upon our planet’s most magnificent places. Following a few simple rules is all it takes to experience the magnificence of the Islands in a sustainable way. From respecting the wildlife to purchasing souvenirs wisely, your choices will make a difference. Please review the Galápagos National Park rules before you travel to the Islands.

From when to travel, what to bring, how to get there and more, we are happy to help you plan your trip — and we have provided some guidelines for all of these questions and more.