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INOCAR Strengthens Galápagos Research with a New Oceanographic Buoy to Monitor El Niño

INOCAR Strengthens Galápagos Research with a New Oceanographic Buoy to Monitor El Niño
Oceanographic buoys are designed to withstand extreme marine conditions, making them ideal for monitoring oceanic areas in various climates and seasons. ©INOCAR Ecuador

Galápagos Conservancy remains steadfast in its commitment to the conservation of the Galápagos ecosystems and deeply values the efforts joining the challenging mission to protect this natural paradise. Thus, we are pleased to share news underscoring the Ecuadorian Government’s efforts to aid Galápagos conservation, especially against the potential impacts of natural events like the El Niño phenomenon.

Monitoring Critical Climatic Conditions

The Ecuadorian Navy’s Oceanographic and Antarctic Institute (INOCAR) has taken a significant step in the realm of research by deploying a second oceanographic buoy in the Galápagos Archipelago. This will monitor environmental conditions, particularly those related to the El Niño phenomenon. This new device complements another buoy placed 110 nautical miles from the Santa Elena peninsula earlier in 2023.

We are confident that this expanded capability to gather environmental data will bolster preventive and protective measures for our Galápagos Archipelago. The buoys are fitted with sensors capturing a broad range of meteorological and oceanographic data, including air temperature, wind speed and direction, precipitation, atmospheric pressure, wave patterns, ocean currents, and thermohaline conditions in the water column.

Most crucially, the collected data is transmitted to INOCAR’s Ocean Monitoring Center in near real-time, where it’s analyzed and employed to produce climatic forecasts. These predictions are vital for diverse activities, ranging from navigation and fishing to risk management and scientific research.

Ongoing Protection Commitment

Dr. Jorge Carrión, our Conservation Director, emphasizes the importance of continuous monitoring of El Niño and its impact on Galápagos. He states, “Protecting the Galápagos ecosystems is a ceaseless and meticulous endeavor. We’re committed to staying vigilant and taking swift actions to safeguard the integrity of these ecosystems against any anomalies related to El Niño.”

Our dedication to the protection of Galápagos and its biodiversity is unwavering. Thanks to the generosity and commitment of our donors, we can keep working tirelessly to ensure a secure future for this natural gem.

INOCAR Strengthens Galápagos Research with a New Oceanographic Buoy to Monitor El Niño
Through continuous tracking and data analysis, the buoys can predict phenomena like El Niño, which significantly impact global weather and oceanic conditions. ©INOCAR Ecuador