The Park's 'Sierra Negra' vessel with helicopter at the ready for a GTRI expedition (© W. Tapia)



The Park's 'Sierra Negra' vessel with helicopter at the ready for a GTRI expedition (© W. Tapia)

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We are happy to discuss conservation issues in Galapagos with members of the press. Please send us an email if you are a member of the media and we will respond to you promptly. While email is the best way to reach us, you may also call us at 703.383.0077.

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The mission of Galapagos Conservancy is to protect the unique biodiversity and ecosystems of Galapagos by supporting research and management, informing public policy, and building a sustainable society. Galapagos Conservancy believes in the power of collaboration, favoring investments in local and national organizations that have the authority and responsibility for protecting this extraordinary world treasure. By building partnerships and leveraging already existing capacities within Galapagos organizations, we can enhance what already exists to achieve greater success. Our unique relationship with the Government of Ecuador ensures that our institutional mission and objectives are completely aligned with Ecuador’s vision for the archipelago and its residents.

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  • Paul Salaman – President
  • Johannah E. Barry – Founder & President Emeritus
  • Dr. James Gibbs – Co-Leader, Giant Tortoise Restoration Initiative
  • Richard Knab – Director of Strategic Partnerships
  • Washington Tapia – Director, Giant Tortoise Restoration Initiative
  • Roslyn Cameron – Galapagos Liaison

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