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Galápagos Conservancy Workshop 2023: Giant Tortoise Field Ecology and Conservation

Giant Tortoises are endemic to the Galápagos Islands, and perhaps the most iconic component of the island’s unique biodiversity. Giant Tortoises have evolved many traits to survive in the harsh, arid terrestrial ecosystems that comprise the Galápagos. They also play a key role engineering Galápagos ecosystems to the benefit of many forms of biological diversity.  They have evolved into many different species and played a significant role in Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution and natural selection. Today many of the species of Giant Tortoises in Galápagos are endangered due to habitat loss, hunting and introduction of invasive species. 

This workshop is designed to introduce college-level students to the Giant Tortoises of Galápagos, the environments they inhabit, and the techniques that are used to conserve and study them in the field. 

The workshop is organized around a rigorous week-long field expedition to an uninhabited Galápagos Island to study a population of Giant Tortoises undergoing restoration.  

  • Project Location

    Galápagos Islands

  • Dates

    12-23 August, 2023

  • Instructors

    Dr. James P. Gibbs, Dr. Washington Tapia, Dr. Jorge Carrión

  • Application process opens Feb 20, 2023

    Application review begins Apr 1. Applicants will be informed of opportunity to participate by Apr 15 2023, and will confirm their participation by paying course fees by May 15, 2023.

Through hands-on field activities, students will accomplish the following objectives:

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