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Marine Guardians Take Action for Sea Lions

Marine Guardians Take Action for Sea Lions
Majestic guardians of the waters: two sea lions in their natural habitat. ©Galápagos Conservancy

Imagine a world without the playful barks and sleek forms of the Galápagos sea lions. These endemic and charismatic creatures are important predators within marine ecosystems. They serve as sentinels, protecting the health and balance of underwater life. However, their survival hangs by a thread, facing many challenges, including climate change. Empowering us to protect these sea guardians, ensuring that the Galápagos sea lions thrive and marine biodiversity is conserved for future generations.

Education and Environmental Awareness: Empowering Young Minds

In this context, an initiative to involve young minds sparked, led by Marjorie Riofrío, researcher and professor at the Universidad San Francisco de Quito. This initiative goes beyond simple rescue and protection actions. Marjorie engages high school students from San Cristobal Island in hands-on activities, aiming to build their capacity and cultivate environmental stewardship in the Galápagos community.

Collaborative Efforts for Impact

Since June 2022, with a conservation grant from Galápagos Conservancy, this initiative has been implemented as part of the Galápagos National Park Directorate’s environmental education program, receiving additional support from the Galapagos Science Center. Throughout the project, 42 high school students, aged 14-17, from various institutions have actively participated in monthly training sessions. These sessions included workshops, forums, and field trips, designed to deepen their understanding of these iconic Galápagos species.

Making a Difference in the Community

The young participants also engage in monitoring sea lion colonies near populated areas. This allows them to apply their acquired knowledge and develop research, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

Marine Guardians Take Action for Sea Lions
Colony of Galapagos sea lions relaxing at Los Marinos Beach. ©Galápagos Conservancy

The results speak for themselves: environmental awareness in the San Cristobal community has seen a significant increase. Thanks to this project, more people grasp the importance of protecting sea lions and their marine-coastal habitat. However, our work is far from finished. With your support, we can expand this project to reach more communities, inspiring future generations to protect and conserve our planet.

Marine Guardians Take Action for Sea Lions
Young people with Marjorie Riofrio's team celebrating the success of the program "Educating for the conservation of the Galapagos sea lion". ©Galápagos Conservancy