Galápagos Conservancy President Announces Forthcoming Retirement

February 24, 2020

President of Galápagos Conservancy, Johannah Barry, is announcing her retirement following 29 years leading the organization’s conservation efforts in the Galápagos Islands. An executive search has begun, during which time Johannah will remain at the helm of the organization and will assist with this important transition.

“It has been a privilege to collaborate with the many organizations, institutions, scientists and others over the years who have helped shape protection efforts in Galápagos and to have witnessed the tangible results of our joint efforts,” commented Johannah. “I will continue to advocate for the protection of this remarkable archipelago. As importantly, I will rely on our many members and friends to continue to guide and support our work and advocate for this extraordinary place.”

Johannah founded Charles Darwin Foundation, Inc. in the Washington, DC area in 1992 while simultaneously serving as Executive Director of the Delaware-based Darwin Scientific Foundation, Inc. In 2001, she led the merger of the two organizations, creating Galápagos Conservancy — which continues to be the only US-based non-profit organization dedicated exclusively to conservation in the Galápagos Islands. Galápagos Conservancy, now with staff and offices in the US and Ecuador, remains the largest private funder of conservation initiatives in the Islands, having supported projects and programs in Galápagos annually since 1985.

GC’s Board of Directors will oversee the process to select Johannah’s successor and has hired Development Resources, inc. (DRi) to support Galápagos Conservancy’s Transition Committee in conducting a search for the next President of the organization.