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Embassy of Ecuador and Galapagos Conservancy host reception in Washington, DC

November 17, 2014

Reception at the Embassy of Ecuador

On Friday, November 14, more than 100 friends of the Galapagos Islands gathered at the Embassy of Ecuador in Washington, DC for a reception hosted by the Embassy and Galapagos Conservancy to celebrate partnerships and the future of conservation in the Islands. In addition to Embassy and Galapagos Conservancy staff and Board members, attendees included representatives from organizations contributing to the protection and preservation of Galapagos, such as the Charles Darwin Foundation, National Geographic Society, and World Wildlife Fund, as well as private donors and general Galapagos enthusiasts.

GC President Johannah Barry and Ambassador Efraín Baus briefly addressed attendees as the reception commenced. Ms. Barry highlighted the Embassy of Ecuador’s active involvement with various organizations working in the islands, and Ambassador Baus underscored the initiatives and laws that Ecuador has implemented in order to protect the Galapagos Islands.

“As part of our efforts to protect the islands, we continue to work closely with different national and international institutions to increase government transparency, accountability, and streamlined governance in the Galapagos, so that we can preserve its natural and cultural heritage,” said Ambassador Baus. “No matter what country we are from, what language we speak, or what religion we may practice, we all have the shared responsibility to protect and preserve nature.”

Johannah Barry with Merrily SternsDuring the reception, guests mingled to share stories of their personal Galapagos experiences or of their work to support conservation efforts in the Islands. The evening was a lively affair and well-received by guests, who braved unseasonably cold temperatures to attend the reception.

Galapagos is important not just as a travel destination and for its renowned fauna and flora, but also for the initiatives and shared vision required to protect this unique natural laboratory. The united efforts of everyone who cares about this special place can ensure that Galapagos will continue to teach and inspire for many generations to come.


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