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Educational Synergy for Youth and Conservation in Galápagos

Educational Synergy for Youth and Conservation in Galápagos
Children observe birds and study their ecosystem in the highlands of Santa Cruz Island. ©Galápagos Conservancy

Education plays a crucial role in promoting environmental conservation. At Galápagos Conservancy, we believe it is vital to ensure that the residents of Galápagos understand the importance of protecting their home, inspiring action, and contributing to conservation within the community.

Since 2022, we at Galápagos Conservancy have been supporting the Association of Interpretive Guides of the Galápagos National Park (“AGUIPA”) to deliver the project “Synergy for Well-Being and Conservation”, led by environmental education expert Yanex Álvarez. This project focuses on integrating science, conservation, and art to promote well-being among the children and youth of Galápagos.

Creative Science Workshops

The project is brought to the youth of Galápagos by the Public Library of Puerto Ayora. One of the project’s most notable components is its creative science workshops. These workshops are designed to ignite an interest in children in scientific concepts through playful and hands-on activities thereby promoting greater environmental awareness. For instance, in a workshop focusing on the El Niño phenomenon, children take part in experiments that simulate changes in water temperature. This allows them to observe how this climatic event impacts different regions of the world, including their own home in Galápagos.

Field Trips

Field trips are an essential part of the educational program. Children venture into the highlands of Santa Cruz Island for the opportunity to explore biodiversity in its natural environment, promoting active learning and creativity. These outdoor experiences also help enhance emotional well-being. One noteworthy example is the study of giant tortoises, in which children develop a unique and educational perspective by interacting directly with these majestic giants as they watch the tortoises go about their lives in the field.

Bird Watching and Artistic Workshops

Bird watching, accompanied by artistic activities such as drawing and painting the observed birds, is another effective tool for teaching children about the biodiversity of Galápagos. Participants are equipped with binoculars and notebooks to help them learn to identify different bird species and record relevant details. This helps to develop their observation skills and a deeper appreciation for wildlife.

Our Commitment to Education

We are happy to work with the community through the Public Library, where many educational activities take place. We strongly believe that education is crucial for long-term conservation and are committed to providing the necessary resources and support to ensure the ongoing success of this program.

Educational Synergy for Youth and Conservation in Galápagos
At Tortuga Bay Beach, children engage in diverse activities focused on environmental conservation. ©Galápagos Conservancy

Washington Tapia, our General Director, notes that AGUIPA’s educational project not only trains future conservationists of Galápagos but also creates an innovative educational model that combines science, art, and environmental awareness. “By providing children with enriching educational experiences, we contribute to the holistic development of new generations and foster a more conscious and committed community for the protection of the nature we depend on,” he emphasized.”

Support for initiatives like this is made possible by people like you who are committed to the conservation and well-being of the Galápagos. Your support enables the implementation of projects such as this one. Together, we can ensure that today’s children become the guardians of tomorrow, ready to confront environmental challenges with knowledge, creativity, and passion. At Galápagos Conservancy, we will continue to support these vital initiatives, working closely with the community to preserve Galápagos and all its wonders for future generations.

Educational Synergy for Youth and Conservation in Galápagos
Environmental educator Yánex Álvarez shared his experiences to young galapagueños to inspire the protection of the biodiversity of the archipelago. ©Galápagos Conservancy