Galápagos Conservancy

Gifts of Stock

Gifts of appreciated marketable stocks can have an immediate impact on Galapagos conservation while providing an income tax deduction for you based on the assets’ current value. Gifts of stock can be made to support conservation efforts in Galapagos by providing your broker with the following Galapagos Conservancy account information:

Morgan Stanley Wealth Management

Account Name: Galapagos Conservancy
Account # 125-011437-022
DTC# 0015
Tax ID: 13-3281486
Contact: Erin Beable
Tel: 800-743-3942 toll-free, or 925-746-2968 direct (10:00 AM – 6:00 PM ET)

Please let us know, directly or through your broker, of your intention to make a stock gift. Many stock gifts arrive to us without a donor’s name attached.
If you wish to make a gift of a stock certificate that is in your possession, please send the certificate, along with a gift letter and stock power to:

Erin Beable
The Sauberman Beable Group
Morgan Stanley Wealth Management
1333 North California Blvd. Suite 133
Walnut Creek, CA 94596

It is advisable to complete the space on the stock certificate prior to “Attorney to Transfer” with the name of our brokerage, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management.

Please call us at 703-383-0077 with any questions, or send us an email.

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