Fundraise for Galápagos

For those generous people who like to use the special occasions in their lives (weddings, birthdays, etc.) to help support their favorite cause at the same time. Motivate your family and friends to support what you care about – Galapagos!

Create Your Own Fundraiser!

In celebration of Earth Day in 2012, Allison Sutherland, a longtime friend of Galapagos Conservancy, gathered several of her fellow singers and musicians for “An Evening of Music” performed at a café in Fairfax, Virginia. Proceeds from the event were donated to Galapagos Conservancy and during the evening, Allie donated 10% of the sales from her two books, The Snoring Princess and The Adventures of Kaluwara the Koala in the Galapagos Islands.

Donate Your Birthday!

After visiting the Galapagos Islands and falling in love with all the unique flora and fauna, a young friend of GC decided to donate her birthday to help protect her favorite archipelago. Complete with fun Galapagos-themed games (such as Sea Lion Limbo and Booby Balloon Battle!), she requested donations to Galapagos Conservancy instead of presents.

There was even a Galapagos cake!

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