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Adult penguins in good body condition

The Measure of a Penguin

By Caroline Cappello, Godfrey Merlen, Dee Boersma When discussing our research in Galapagos, we often talk about the 120 nests that we built to provide... Full Post
Sharp-beaked finch on Pinta Island.

Conserving Landbirds in Galapagos

By guest author Birgit Fessl, Coordinator of Galapagos Landbird Research for the Charles Darwin Foundation. I first came to Galapagos in December 1995... Full Post
A constructed nest on Fernandina Island

A Good Year for Galapagos Penguins

By guest authors Dee Boersma, Godfrey Merlen, and Caroline Cappello. Our research team from the University of Washington visited Galapagos in July 2017... Full Post

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