Team Galápagos

Dr. Paul Salaman


Dr. James Gibbs

Vice President of Science and Conservation

Washington Tapia

General Director
Conservando Galápagos

Amy Doherty

Senior Director of Operations

Alex Antram

Director of Outreach and Philanthropy

Cathy Blowers

Executive Assistant

Y0landa Bulick


Dr. Jorge Carrión

Director of Conservation
Conservando Galápagos

Willians Castro

Galápagos Conservation Assistant
Conservando Galápagos

Xavier Castro

Environmental Journalist
Conservando Galápagos

Walter Chimborazo

Field Assistant
Conservando Galápagos

Tim Dobyns

Director of Communications

Cecil Hynds-Riddle

Associate Director of Membership

Cristian Gil Jaramillo

Technical Assistant
Conservando Galápagos

Richard Knab

Director of Strategic Partnerships

Judith Moreira

Administrative Assistant
Conservando Galápagos

Kelly Weatherman

Philanthropy Officer

Liza Saracina

Membership Officer

Ivonne Torres

Conservation Center Coordinator
Conservando Galápagos

Gabriela Vivas

Director of Operations
Conservando Galápagos

Barbara Arizaga

Communications Manager
Conservando Galápagos
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