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The Islands

Perhaps you want to relive the memories of your Galapagos adventure? Or maybe you want a sneak-preview of the sites and activities you’re planning to experience on your upcoming trip to Galapagos? Our Island-by-Island guide is the best resource for providing a wealth of information about each of the 13 major islands and 7 smaller islands that make up the Galapagos archipelago. Click on an island name from the list to the right of the map above and learn about its unique history, potential visitors sites, current conservation challenges and more!

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Protect Giant Tortoises

Help Restore Galapagos Tortoise Populations


Tortoises went extinct on Santa Fe Island 150 years ago. On June 27, we worked with the Galapagos National Park to bring 201 tortoises back to Santa Fe (watch the video). Please help us restore tortoise populations across the Islands with your gift today.