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Galapagos youth participate in environmental stewardship activities

July 29, 2014

Snorkeling practice is part of the beach interpretation project involving local youth in environmental stewardship.

Getting ready for snorkeling


For the Ecuadorian Ministry of Environment, it is clearly an important priority to protect the pristine Galapagos ecosystems and restore those that have been altered. It is equally essential to cultivate a culture of respect for the environment among the local residents, which is why the Galapagos National Park regularly develops activities that foster close contact between humans and the unique nature of the archipelago.
One such program is on beach interpretation, which promotes the ecological value of the ocean and describes rules for visiting beaches to local youth. Snorkeling is a focus of the program, which allows participants to experience marine ecosystems first-hand in order to better appreciate their rich diversity and value. Participants learn to use snorkeling gear to observe the marine environment in shallow water. 
In the first phase of this program, 90 Galapagos youth between ages 10 and 17 were divided into groups and received educational information from the instructor before subsequently learning to snorkel. The environmental authority plans to continue this program so that Galapagos youth grow up understanding the value of protecting the environment in which they live.


Translated with permission from the Galapagos National Park Directorate. Please contact Galapagos Conservancy with inquiries.

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