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Park Rangers Protect 190 Tortoise Nests on Santa Cruz

August 5, 2019

GNPD Rangers protecting tortoise nests

Since the beginning of the tortoise nesting season in July, Galapagos National Park rangers have taken steps to ensure the protection of 190 tortoise nests in the protected areas of Santa Cruz Island.

Rangers place a one-square-meter piece of galvanized mesh over each nest and hold it down with large stones to prevent introduced species such as pigs, cats, and rodents from disturbing eggs and neonates in the nests.

Nest protection activities take place until December of each year in the five nesting areas of Santa Cruz: La Torta, El Fatal, La Caseta, El Peligro and Cerro Gallina. In 2018, 624 tortoise nests were protected over the course of the nesting season.

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