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Park Rangers Release Tortoise Hatchlings from Natural Nests

January 25, 2019

Park ranger helping tortoise hatchling

Park ranger helping to release tortoise hatchlings from muddy nests (© GNPD)


Galapagos National Park rangers have helped to release more than 40 tortoise hatchlings, or “galapaguitos,” from their natural nests between December of last year and the first half of January 2019.

Rangers have been monitoring the 624 nests in the five natural nesting areas of Santa Cruz Island since December, where they dig and release hatchlings that were trapped in the mud caused by recent rains and unable to leave their nest. Rangers also counted any eggs that did not hatch.

These activities are complemented by the protection of natural tortoise nests against invasive species such as ants, felines and feral pigs.

Content based on a release from the GNPD, translated with their permission.


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