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Galapagos Conservancy signs cooperative agreement with Ecuador

May 24, 2015

GC President Johannah Barry at the SETECI signing in Quito.

GC President Johannah Barry (center) and SETECI Minister Gabriela Rosero
(second from right) at the signing in Quito.

Galapagos Conservancy is pleased to announce that we recently signed a cooperative agreement with the Ecuadorian Technical Secretariat of International Cooperation, known as SETECI, its acronym in Spanish. SETECI is responsible for developing such agreements with international nonprofit organizations that operate in Ecuador.

The agreement, signed by GC’s President Johannah Barry and SETECI Minister Gabriela Rosero, outlines broad areas of work in advancing research, science, and innovation related to conservation of the unique ecosystems and biodiversity in Galapagos. GC’s two flagship programs, the Giant Tortoise Restoration Initiative (GTRI) and the Education for Sustainable Development Initiative (ESDI), are both highlighted in the agreement.

The Government of Ecuador has long recognized the importance of preserving and protecting this extraordinary natural place, both for Ecuador and for the world. “Working more closely with the Government will allow GC and its partners to enhance Ecuador’s important efforts to align the protection of these islands with the concept of Buen Vivir, living in harmony with these islands and their unparalleled natural resources,” stated Johannah Barry.

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