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Galapagos Children Learn About Conservation at “Happy Vacation Camp”

A multi-institutional educational program allowed 200 children to have fun and learn about the unique species and conservation of Galapagos.

April 5th, 2013

Dancing, painting, and learning opportunities were part of the Happy Vacation Camp, which ended this morning at the Santa Cruz City Hall.

This initiative was jointly developed by the Galapagos National Park Service, the local Santa Cruz government, the Charles Darwin Foundation, and the Port Authority.  The camp provided entertaining and educational activities for 200 children of Santa Cruz Island during their spring vacation.

Emily Castillo waited her turn to be made up by park ranger, Maria Belén Viteri, with whom she shared two weeks of learning and fun at the Happy Vacation Camp, which ended yesterday morning with the closing ceremony in the Santa Cruz City Hall.

Emily wanted to look good for the dance performance that she had rehearsed with her friends in the third grade, led by the staff of the Galapagos National Park Service.

These camps encourage young people to develop a responsible attitude toward their community and the environment, coupled with education about environmentally friendly practices, such as recycling of waste and the importance of species conservation.

Proud parents took out their cameras and camcorders to record their children’s presentations.  The youth demonstrated their dance skills in both classic and modern rhythmic dances.

Cristel Cadena captured his fondness for marine life and the iconic animals of Galapagos, such as sea lions and boobies, in a painting.  The painting was on display during the children’s trip to Floreana Island.  They were accompanied by counselors and park rangers who taught them the official Park rules for visiting the Galapagos National Park visitor sites.

Like Cristel, Adamari Holguín also learned painting techniques that he used to paint a Galapagos seascape.  His mother, Cecilia Santos, congratulated the organizers of this event for providing the opportunity for the children to use their vacation time well and to make new friends.

Parents expressed their satisfaction with the Happy Vacation Camp.  When the children said goodbye to their counselors and teachers, they indicated their hope to see them the next year, both to have fun and to learn more about caring for Galapagos.

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