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Twenty Baby Tortoises Hatch at the Santa Cruz Breeding Center

November 20, 2019

GNPD breeding center tortoise hatchlings

Twenty baby tortoises of the Española Island (Chelonoidis hoodensis) and Floreana Island (Chelonoidis niger) species recently hatched from the incubators at the Galapagos National Park Directorate’s (GNPD) Fausto Llerena Breeding Center on Santa Cruz Island. The nesting period began in July when the first eggs were collected, and they began to hatch after 120 days in the incubators in which Park rangers control the temperature to obtain females (29.5° C) and males (28° C)

This marks the beginning of the hatching period within the giant tortoise captive breeding program at this Tortoise Center, which has seven pens housing tortoises from Española and Floreana Islands. Park rangers have collected 125 eggs from 35 nests there in the 2019 season.

The breeding program is part of the Giant Tortoise Restoration Initiative (GTRI), which is jointly developed by the GNPD and Galapagos Conservancy.

Content based on a news release from the GNPD, translated with their permission.


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