Building Stronger Communities Through the Celebrity Cruises Galapagos Fund

Building Stronger Communities Through the Celebrity Cruises Galapagos Fund

“Connecting people and each other to leave the world a better place”

Galapagos offers the rare opportunity for visitors to become immersed in and feel changed by nature. Tourism also can help improve the lives and economies of the people who call the Islands home. Our partners at Celebrity Cruises have found many ways to help protect, sustain, and celebrate this extraordinary place. The Celebrity Cruises Galapagos Fund is an important way to ensure that Galapagos and its unparalleled wildlife and landscapes remain wild.

Visitors arrive to sea lions lounging.

The guests on Celebrity’s Galapagos ships Xpedition and Flora are encouraged to join our efforts to promote a healthy future for all of Galapagos’ inhabitants — the people and the amazing wildlife. With small investments of up to $20,000, the Celebrity Cruises Galapagos Fund supports local projects such as organic farming, responsible pet ownership, and ground-breaking education initiatives. We are proud of the positive impact resulting from the more than $900,000 raised to date, and that many past guests choose to continue to care for Galapagos as members of Galapagos Conservancy for years to come. For more information about how the Fund changes lives, please read the Fund’s newsletter, Natural Connections.

Did you cruise on to Galapagos with Celebrity? Keep your Galapagos experience alive and make a contribution to the Celebrity Cruises Galapagos Fund.


  Celebrity Cruises Galapagos funds have recently supported the following projects:

  • Growing fresh vegetables in GalapagosFresh, pesticide-free vegetable baskets for the local community from the farmers’ association and the catch-of-the-day at the local fish cooperative’s market. Celebrity serves locally sourced produce aboard the Xpedition and Flora.
  • A culinary/business specialization where the students learn menu planning, cooking, serving, and restaurant management at a local high school. Expert chefs teach students in a commercial-scale kitchen where “green” kitchen management techniques are implemented (recycling, using local produce, etc.). Upon high school graduation, they are ready to move into the workforce.
  • Local children participating in coastal clean-up trips to parts of their home island that are usually not accessible to the community. They will explore and learn about the ocean and marine ecosystems.
  • A pet clinic in GalapagosFree pet sterilization by Darwin Animal Doctors’ qualified volunteer vets to help minimize domestic animal predation of native animals. Spayed and neutered pets also receive free veterinary care.
  • A new Center on Santa Cruz Island that specializes in early stimulation treatment for approximately 65 young children with Down’s syndrome, cerebral palsy, and autism. They now have the basic equipment needed for regular therapy to help develop independent-living skills, plus activities that help connect the children with nature.

To learn more about these projects, send us an email. To make a contribution to the Celebrity Cruises Galapagos Fund, click here.

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