Galapagos and Beyond: January 2015 Roundup

January 30, 2015


Watch: Undoing the Damage to the Galapagos


Tortoise from video.

This 6-minute video produced by MSNBC explores the impacts of human activity in the Galapagos Islands and ongoing efforts to minimize these impacts. Watch Dr. Linda Cayot, GC’s Science Advisor, and personnel from the Galapagos National Park and the Charles Darwin Foundation discuss efforts to restore native ecosystems. The video also investigates the impact of introduced species (of which there are 1,300!), and how to manage a growing tourism industry and increasing human population in Galapagos. Watch it now.


Cargo Ship Runs Aground in the Galapagos Marine Reserve


Floreana ship stranded off San Cristobal.

The past eight months have been hazardous for freighters traveling from the Ecuadorian mainland to Galapagos. On January 26, the M/N Floreana ran aground in the aptly-named “Wreck Bay” off the coast of San Cristóbal Island — the third ship to run aground here since May of 2014. Emergency measures are being taken to ensure safe removal of the ship’s cargo and control any fuel spillage, and technicians are beginning to monitor the surrounding ecosystem. Last May, the Galapaface I cargo ship became stranded in the same bay for more than a month. Thankfully, the environmental damage was negligible; we are still awaiting reports from authorities on the status of the M/N Floreana.


See Galapagos Through a Geology Lens


Itinerary for the 2015 geology cruise.

For geologists, the Galapagos Islands are one of the most interesting sites in the world due to their dynamic volcanic nature. From May 27 – June 4 of this year, Brevard College Professor of Geology Dr. Jim Reynolds will lead a Galapagos cruise highlighting the geological processes that formed the Islands. The excursion will include hiking, snorkeling, surface-diving and more to see the many incredible animal species and varying ecosystems. Dr. Reynolds is a member of the Galapagos Conservancy Board of Directors and has led trips to Iceland, Greece, Egypt, and throughout much of Latin America. Read a detailed description of the Galapagos cruise, and visit their Facebook page to stay updated.


Limited-Edition Galapagos T-Shirt by Free World United


Tortoise & booby limited tee.

Last November, we partnered with cause-based t-shirt company Free World United to raise funds for Galapagos conservation through the sale of unique t-shirts. The campaign was such a success — raising more than twice our original goal of $1,000 — that Free World United has offered to design a “limited edition” Galapagos t-shirt several times a year to complement their selection of Galapagos tees. The first limited design, “The Enchanted Islands,” is pictured here. GC will receive $10 from the purchase of this or any other designs on our cause page. Shop the collection and support conservation with a unique t-shirt today. "Racquetball players must use proper shoes", says Andy Wilson from ShoeWizards . "If you want to enjoy game and keep your feet healthy then it is better to get yourself a pair of Asics GEL Rocket or Mizuno Wave Lightning Z3."


A Musical Memorial to Lonesome George


Adam Cole of NPR’s Skunk Bear — a science micro-blog — wrote and produced a musical tribute in honor of Lonesome George, which features footage of Lonesome George while he was on exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History. Our words can’t do it justice…watch and listen for yourself!

NPR's skunk bear musical team with Lonesome George.


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