2014: A Year of Hope

January 9, 2014

Greetings to Friends of Galapagos around the world! We at Galapagos Conservancy are kicking off 2014 on a hopeful note, and what better way to remind us of our mutual passion for Galapagos than this compelling video produced by filmmaker Brad LaBriola. From the sound of the water to the striking images of sea lions, Sally Lightfoots, and the iconic Galapagos tortoise, we recall why we continue to fight for the preservation, protection, and restoration of this extraordinary place.

Screenshot of opening video scene

Galapagos requires of us a sense of purpose and stewardship. This archipelago, so long isolated, is increasingly affected by human impacts—some by accident and some, regrettably, by design. Climate change sets in motion a cascade of effects on both land and sea, and Galapagos flora and fauna are particularly vulnerable to these impacts. Galapagos Conservancy is funding a number of projects which seek to understand and predict the effects of climate change, with the hope of lessening its long-term impacts as much as possible.

The future of these islands depends largely on the political will of its residents and lawmakers, as well as the diligent efforts of scientists and conservation managers from around the world. There are still so many mysteries to discover in Galapagos: new species of plants and insects; populations of tortoises once thought extinct in the wild who are poised to make a comeback. Thanks to scientific techniques we could only have imagined 20 years ago, the next decade in Galapagos will demonstrate the important connection between technology and conservation. Galapagos stands ready to show the world how humans and nature can coexist.

Screenshot of sea lions from videoThroughout the coming year we will keep you posted on advances in field research, new conservation strategies for some of the archipelago’s most iconic creatures, updates from local educational institutions and Galapagos residents, and thoughts from conservation leaders in the islands. In addition to tuning into our blog, you can sign up to receive our e-newsletter, follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and watch the latest videos on our YouTube channel to stay up to date. 

With our single focus on Galapagos, Galapagos Conservancy has the privilege of working collaboratively with a wide variety of partners throughout the world dedicated to ensuring the health and stability of this unique place. We remain grateful for your dedication and partnership.

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