This blog is a collaborative effort of GC staff, colleagues, scientists, supporters, and friends. This space will be used to share amazing stories about all things Galapagos and our efforts to conserve these treasured islands.

Much of Puerto Ayora's poverty-stricken population can be found in an area called La Cascada, pictured above.

A Snapshot of Poverty in Galapagos

The 2011-2012 issue of Galapagos Report is soon to be released in English and Spanish and will be available on our website in March. Watch our Facebook... Full Post

Galapagos: A Living Laboratory

Since their introduction to Galapagos by whalers in the 18th century, goats have ravaged island ecosystems by destroying native vegetation and threatening... Full Post

Sharing Your Thoughts on Galapagos

We receive dozens of letters from visitors and donors each month, all of which elegantly capture the sense that a trip to the Galapagos Islands is a life-changing... Full Post
Lonesome George in his corral; photo by Tim Saxe.

We Witnessed Extinction

Lonesome George was the last of his kind when he died on June 24th earlier this year. I was in Galapagos and remember seeing a local caf put a hand-lettered... Full Post

The History at Albemarle Point

We recently received a letter from World War II veteran Jess Hargrove who was stationed in the Galapagos Islands in the Christmas season of 1942 as part... Full Post
Schoolchildren take an educational boat ride around Floreana Island.

People and Protected Areas

Years ago, I was gifted with a book entitled The Myth of Wild Africa by then-Director of the Charles Darwin Research Station, Graham Watkins. Now that... Full Post
Lonesome George surveying his corral at the Tortoise Center on Santa Cruz Island.

Galapagos in Mourning

Sunday morning in Mi Caleta, a small hotel in Pto. Ayora, Dr. Linda Cayot, Dr. James Gibbs, and I were finishing breakfast and settling down to discuss... Full Post

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