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Johannah Barry

Johannah E. Barry is the founder of Galapagos Conservancy and served as its President until 2020. Her background includes more than thirty years of institutional advancement and organizational development. She has held senior fundraising positions with the World Conservation Union (US), The Wilderness Society, Resources for the Future…

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Linda Cayot

Dr. Linda Cayot worked as Galapagos Conservancy’s Science Advisor from 2008-2019. She has been heavily involved in Galapagos conservation for more than 30 years, having first visited Galapagos in 1981 to study giant tortoises for her PhD from Syracuse University. She has stayed involved with the Islands ever since… 

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Richard Knab

Richard Knab has focused his attention on education, conservation and sustainable development in Latin America since serving as a Peace Corps volunteer in Honduras (1987-1990), where he worked with small farmers on soil conservation, irrigation and cooperative-related projects….

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Lori Ulrich

Lori Ulrich is the Director of Membership and Marketing at Galapagos Conservancy and has worked at GC since 2006. Prior to GC, Lori spent 6 years working in the New York book publishing industry in various creative roles…

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Tim Dobyns

Kimber is the Director of Digital Marketing at Galapagos Conservancy and has overseen and led the organization’s digital communications strategy, implementation, and evaluation since 2013. She is passionate about creating user-friendly websites and effective, multi-channel online campaigns to promote the important conservation work GC undertakes in the Islands, and frequently takes the pulse of the digital world to ensure that GC is reaching its supporters effectively and efficiently.

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