NGO Partners

Galápagos Conservancy’s primary non-governmental partner in Galápagos is the Charles Darwin Foundation for the Galápagos Islands (CDF). For more than three decades, GC and CDF have worked together to ensure that CDF’s critical role as technical advisory to the Government of Ecuador on the management of the Galápagos Islands and Galápagos Marine Reserve remain strong and uninterrupted. GC also partners with Island Conservation in efforts to protect the native flora and fauna of Galápagos from the harmful impacts of invasive species.  

GC has several educational projects on Santa Cruz Island to ensure full engagement of local youth in the important work of biodiversity conservation and to train the hundreds of K-12 teachers working across the Archipelago. We work with the Scalesia Foundation on creating new educational models for Galápagos students, and creating a long-term strategic plan for the model school Tomás de Berlanga.