FOGO Partners

The Friends of Galápagos Organizations (or FOGOs), also called the Darwin Network, is comprised of a number of organizations around the world that support Galápagos conservation in different ways. In addition to Galápagos Conservancy in the United States, these include:

Galapagos Conservancy Canada (Canada)
Galapagos Conservation Trust (United Kingdom)
Freunde der Galapagos Inseln (Switzerland)
Stichting Vrienden van de Galapagos Eilanden (The Netherlands)
Nordic Friends of Galapagos (Finland)
Galapagos Darwin Trust (Luxembourg)
The Japanese Association for Galapagos (Japan)
Friends of Galapagos (New Zealand)

Galápagos Conservancy works cooperatively with many of these organizations in program development and fundraising for conservation in the Islands.