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GNPD 60th Anniversary Donors

GNPD 60th Anniversary Donors

Image © Val Robinson

Sixty years ago, the Galapagos National Park was created as one of the most ambitious and important conservation endeavors in human history. This creation of the Park, combined with its later designation as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, resulted in the protection of 97% of the Galapagos Islands and set the precedent for conservation on a global scale. Over the past six decades, the dedicated men and women of the Galapagos National Park Directorate have worked tirelessly to safeguard this remarkable ecosystem and its astonishing wildlife. For more than 30 of those years, the work of the Park has been funded, supported, and made possible, in part, by Galapagos Conservancy and our caring community.

In honor of the Galapagos National Park’s 60th anniversary, we reached out to our Friends of Galapagos with a request for support and invited them to share congratulatory and inspirational notes, thanking the Park for its years of hard work in service to these majestic islands. We commemorate the Park’s milestone with this special web page, listing an impressive roster of more than 200 GC members who chose to honor the Park once again, along with a selection of their encouraging words. (An additional 83 members chose to remain anonymous and are not listed here.)


Donations of $1,000+

Carole and Norman Barham
Quote by Carol LewisMrs. Sharla P. Boehm
John H. Chamberlain
Linda & Steuart Thomsen

Donations of $100-999

Todd Adams
Dr. Amit & Jessica Agarwala
Jean Bangham
Tara & Robert Beiswenger
Charlene Gordon Ben
Marilyn W. Bos
Dan Brown
John E. Cain
Constance R. Coleman
Tamra & Donald Dickerson
Dave & Lynn Dolinar
Marilyn Murphy DuBois
Janet Elling
Virginia Everitt
Helen L. Foster
Brenda Frase
Brian & Laurie Fuller
Becky L. George
Susan Greendorfer
Dorothy & John Habel
Kathleen Hull
Jeffrey A. Jens
Susan & Bill Kirby
Dr. Jose & Mrs. Margaret Latimer
Pepi Leids
Bill Longston
The Lund Family, Los Angeles, CA USA
Lorn MacDougal
Jerry Manpearl
Robert McEldowney Jr. Family Foundation
Lyn M. McHugh
Swaney/Brubaker quoteKevin & Susan McMacken
Norman Morehead
Kathleen M.
Betty Rose Nagle
Dr. and Mrs. Carlos Naranjo MD
Patricia J. Palmer
Robert John Penny
Jeanne Perkins
Russell Phillips & Ronald Thomas
Karen Pick
Thomas & Elizabeth Pitt
Deborah Port & Michael Heymann
Dr. Anita Prince
Dr. Wallace & Mrs. Barbara Ritchie
Peter Rodriguez
Christopher Ruf & Sonal Doshi
Col. & Mrs. Robert Schlegel, Jr.
The Schroeders
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Snoke
Robert Stanich & Jeanne Schleh
Suzie Sullivan
Edward & Patricia Sutarik
Margaret Terry
Rose Vetter
Lydia Vickers
Henry & Diane Walbesser
Frances Ann Walker
Olsen quoteVincent & Virginia Wickwar
Aizik Wolf & Aliette Vasquez
Teresa Wolf
Gladys Wright
J.A. Wunderlich, III
Gerard & Hiromi Zeppieri
Henry Zuschlag

Donations of $10-99

Warren & Chris Abrahamson
Allen & Margaret Ammons
Lafe Anderson
Robert & Janet Banks
Kathryn Barringham
Jill Bartelt
Roger Bauer
Paul & Emily Bayes
Stephen A. Becker
Joe & Maria Bennett
Jan Beyers
Melody & Irv Boime
Elisabeth Bolduc
Donald Bono
John J. Boren
Wickwar quoteDonna Borza
Chana L. Brady
Kay Brennan
Erin Swaney & Pete Brubaker
Mason Bryant
Frederick Buono
Irene Cannon-Geary
Lonnie & Suzanne Clar
Lestina Colby
Bruce B. Collette
Mike Conlan
Roger Conner
Victoria Crnekovic
Janos Damnavits
Martha Merrill Delporte
Marjorie Derrick
William Driscoll
Rick & Lynn Elison
Gail Enos
Elizabeth Erickson
Helen Findley
Edward Fisher
Josephine A. Fluke
Carol & Ellis Fuls
Lenore Furman
Bob Furtek
Cathy Geist
Geist quoteMark Giese
Howard Gondree
Alicebelle Graham
Natalie Grant
Christa Groeschel
Sharon Hahs
Frederick Hammond
Alex Hanner
High Havlick & Martha Hoover
Sylvia & Aubrey Hawes
Sue Helt
Cruise Planners
Hope Hollenbeck
Joanne Hubbard
Jack & Marcia Hutslar
Laurence Hutzell
Janice L. Jacobs
L. Morris Johnson, M.D.
Markes E. Johnson
Neil & Stephanie Johnson
Karen L. Kight
Lawrence Klein
Richard Kocourek
Barbara S. Koehler
Jennifer C. Kruger
Barbara Kupka
Thomas Kuzmic
Anne Larson
Katherine LeBlanc
Lawrence & Narcinda Lerner
Arhtur & Betty Levy
Quote from Pepi LeidsLaura & Bud Lieberman
Jane Madrid
Diane & Kathy Malinda
John Marshall
The Marshall Family
Dorothy Matathia
Charles Matthews, MD
in memory of Tobias R. Engel
Marianne McEun
Mike & Barb McMillan
Dr. John & Joyce Millar
William J. Miracle
Andrea Monath
Randy Moore
Stephen Moore
Marjorie Motch
Sharon Moyer
Calvin & Sara Myers
Susan L. Neal
Ian, Ryan, & Dada Newton
Elliott & Marsha Ober
Bob & Carolyn Off
Dale & Diane Olsen
Paul Oswald
Scharf/Heinz quoteJohn & Richelle Parker
Jeremy Partin
Lee & Judi Paseltiner
Barry Paterno
Mike & Mary Patterson
Karen L. Peterson
Rita Pettigrew
Cindy Pitchon
Rick Pluma
Frank & Joanne Pollack
Ann Prentice & Michael Sorratt
MaryLou Price & Bernhard von Rotz
Helen M. Price
Richard & Jennifer Rahn
Olga Raveling
James Reeder
Laura Ricci
Gillian Rose
Patti Rosenmund
Jan Scarlett & Hugh Ink
Susan Scharf & Cindy Heinze
Claire Searing
Barbara Calza Self
Brenda Sens
Henry Shea
Joan Silaco
Ronald & Anne Simon
Keith Sonner
Vilma Vaupel Southwick
Michael Stagg
Diane Steelsmith
Jean Stiegler
Mary Strouse
Hubbard quoteRosalie (Rosie) Sussman
Ludvik Svoboda
Marianne Tallarico
Suzanne Thompson
Diane Tom
Dolores & Jim Toon
Robert & Mary Van Maren
Peg Wentz
Alan & Lois Whitney
Cynthia Willyard
Denise Yourick
Donald & Henrietta Zinn
Sally Zona
A. Zuckerman

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