2017 Featured Members

2017 Featured Members

Murray and Jeannie Kilgour


Enthusiastic nature conservationists and avid divers, Murray and Jeanie Kilgour have made three trips to the Galapagos Islands since the early 2000s. Murray marvels at the large fish like whale sharks and hammerheads, having once experienced a cloud, in the form of a 45-foot whale shark, float overhead near Darwin’s Arch. Jeanie is most inspired by the diversity of the topography, as well as the unique creatures — especially the “shocking pink” flamingoes and amusing boobies.

The Kilgours’ first exposure to Galapagos Conservancy was through a brochure they picked up on their very first dive trip, and they have been loyally supporting our conservation efforts annually since 2007. In 2016, they made a generous donation to help fund the creation of Shark Count Galapagos, a mobile application that allows divers to become citizen scientists by contributing vital information about marine life observed in the Galapagos Marine Reserve.

“Protection of the creatures, especially the abundance of sharks, is vital in my view,” adds Jeanie. And like many of us, the Kilgours are also concerned about how climate change will impact the Islands. Murray believes, “If we can slow the process down a bit, the animals may have time to adapt.” The Kilgours value Galapagos Conservancy’s hands-on approach to preserving the Islands and their creature inhabitants, as well as the in-depth updates GC provides on the progress of conservation.

We value members like the Kilgours, who clearly understand that “the Islands are a treasure, both above and below the water. To lose that would be a large loss for society as a whole.” Without forward-thinking friends like the Kilgours, the work we do would not be possible.

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