2016 Featured Members

2016 Featured Members

Will and Matty G.

Blue Feet Foundation boysWill describes himself as a true “birder” and when he learned that blue-footed booby populations were declining in Galapagos, he told his father that he wanted to do something to help. He also happens to have a large personal sock collection, which is how he came up with the fun and fitting idea to sell socks to raise money for his favorite threatened bird. Will allowed his little brother to join the cause when Matty came up with the name of their foundation, the Blue Feet Foundation, and their generous father provided the seed money for their first sock order. Will recalls, “One day, nine giant boxes of blue socks were dropped off in our driveway. My mom was really shocked. I set up a website, Facebook and Instagram accounts, and started to sell the socks. So far it’s been really fun! We’ve had orders from 31 states and Canada, the UK, and Australia!”

Galapagos Conservancy is thrilled to welcome Will and Matty G. as two of our newest members — they also share the special honor of being our youngest Galapagos Ambassador Society members to date. Proceeds from the sales of their blue socks on The Blue Feet Foundation’s website have allowed the brothers to donate $3,000* to Galapagos Conservancy in 2016 so far! Will exclaimed, “Galapagos Conservancy rules! They take us seriously.” Yes, we do, Will! And we encourage our loyal members to do the same and order some blue socks today.

*As of December 2020, Will and Matty have donated nearly $80,000 to Galapagos Conservancy from the sale of the blue-footed booby socks.


Randy and Sally Knight

Randall & Sally Knight photoRandy and Sally Knight first visited the Galapagos Islands in 2004 and were so enchanted by the Islands and their animals that they decided to return in 2016 — on Galapagos Conservancy’s annual cruise! According to Randy, “Like most people, we initially had the idea that the Galapagos were remote and largely untouched. But between our observations, the guides on our first trip, and reading Plundering Paradise: The Hand of Man on the Galapagos Islands (by Michael D’Orso) we realized that the Islands face many challenges and will endure only if individuals and organizations actively tackle those challenges.” The Knights first learned of Galapagos Conservancy while at the Charles Darwin Research Station in 2004, and they have been loyal, generous donors to our efforts ever since. Randy and Sally cite their reason for supporting GC for its long track record of success, coupled with “GC’s holistic approach to working with government agencies, key players, and especially the people who live in the islands. Trying to solve environmental problems such as invasive species or illegal fishing, without also dealing with the social and political conditions that led to the problems is simply a Band-Aid with little chance for lasting impact. Long-term success requires working with all the stakeholders to change the underlying conditions so that everyone sees a positive benefit from conservation.” Galapagos Conservancy is proud to have members like the Knights who understand the complex nature of conservation and the need to involve and support the residents of Galapagos while also protecting the unique environment in which they live.

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