2013 Featured Members

2013 Featured Members

Dr. Jim Gallagher

Jim Gallagher Jim Gallagher, Ph.D. visited the Galapagos Islands more than a dozen years ago. A now-retired New Yorker who founded a consulting firm in the human resources field, Jim has been a loyal member of Galapagos Conservancy ever since, and was eager to lend his financial support to a project involving the installation of web cameras in several key sites in Galapagos (see the Tortoise Webcams). “I was as enthralled as Charles Darwin by the truly wondersome environment of these islands and a return visit is still on my bucket list,” he says. “In the meantime, being a part of the web camera project whets my appetite, as it will bring a taste of the Galapagos to the rest of the world. I’m delighted to have been a part of getting this imaginative project up and running.”

Charles Cassard Kaesemeyer

Charles KaesemeyerCharles Cassard (“Casey”) Kaesemeyer is an example of both the longevity of the impact the Galapagos Islands can have on a person and the impact one person can have on the islands. A native of Baltimore, Maryland, and lover of nature, he and his late wife Marjorie first visited Galapagos in 1979. They began supporting Galapagos conservation that year and have been loyal Galapagos enthusiasts ever since. Casey received his SCUBA certification at age 59 and forged lasting friendships with divers who have helped him experience many memorable underwater experiences in Galapagos and elsewhere, “resulting in nothing less than a new life” for him. Although age has not permitted him to return to Galapagos in recent years, Casey enjoys connecting with the Islands through Galapagos Conservancy. He is one of our few donors who can boast about outliving many of the infamously long-lived tortoises – on February 16, 2014, Casey will celebrate his 100th birthday! After nearly 100 years on earth and having visited countless places with Marjorie, whom he recounts as “a woman with the fun-loving heart of a child, an instinctively skillful mother, and a wonderful partner for more than 75 years,” Casey still cannot forget the unique and unforgettable place that stole his heart many years ago. “If I weren’t 99 and one-half, I would try to visit the Galapagos one more time.”

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