Key Staff Media Profiles

Key Staff Media Profiles

US-based Team:

Galapagos-based Team:


Paul Salaman, President

Paul SalamanExpertise: Global biodiversity conservation management, tropical ecology, Latin American wildlife conservation, nonprofit management.

Dr. Paul Salaman proudly joined the Galapagos Conservancy team in October 2020 to serve as President and to lead GC’s efforts to save the most precious and imperiled island biodiversity on earth.

Dr. Salaman is a recognized expert on global biodiversity conservation and has been heavily involved in advancing science-based conservation actions and priorities for the most threatened species, including directing urgent interventions to save Critically Endangered species at imminent risk of extinction. While he has authored many scientific papers and articles, Dr. Salaman has bridged the gap between academic research and on-the-ground conservation action across the tropics — including 30 years of research and conservation experience in South America. Dr. Salaman has long been involved with the Galapagos Islands and most recently helped establish the Jocotoco Galapagos Reserve in 2018.

Dr. Salaman holds a Doctor of Philosophy from Oxford University in Tropical Ecology.

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LinkedIn: Paul Salaman


Johannah E. Barry, Founder and President Emeritus

Johannah BarryExpertise: Biodiversity/conservation management, institutional history, advocacy and donor engagement.

Johannah Barry has been advancing Galapagos Conservancy’s mission to preserve and protect the Galapagos Islands since 1992.

Her background includes more than 40 years of institutional advancement and organizational development. She has held senior fundraising positions with the World Conservation Union (US), The Wilderness Society, Resources for the Future, and served as consultant to the Weyerhaeuser Company Foundation, Henry A. Wallace Institute for Alternative Agriculture, and the Audubon Naturalist Society.

Johannah holds a master’s degree from the University of Virginia.

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LinkedIn: Johannah Barry


James Gibbs, Co-Leader Galapagos Tortoise Restoration Initiative

Dr. James P. GibbsExpertise: Biodiversity conservation, island ecosystems, endemic species, invasive species, technology in conservation.

James P. Gibbs has been involved in research in the Galapagos Islands since 1981, when he served as a volunteer on Peter and Rosemary Grant’s Darwin’s Finch projects, living with and measuring finches for many months on Daphne Island and then again for many more on Genovesa Island.

Some 60 trips to Galapagos later, James is now co-leader (with Wacho Tapia) of Galapagos Conservancy’s Galapagos Tortoise Restoration Initiative, overseeing the research behind tortoise restoration as well as advising on topics including ecological monitoring and research investments.

James is a published author whose works include field guides and textbooks. His articles have been published in Nature, Conservation Biology, The Journal of Animal Ecology, and more.

He is Distinguished Professor at the State University of New York’s College of Environmental Science and Forestry, where he teaches courses in conservation biology and herpetology. He has served as “Wise Sage” with the Prometeo Program of the National Secretariat of Higher Education, Science, Technology and Innovation of Ecuador (2012-2014). In addition to work in Galapagos, he has worked extensively on conservation projects in Tanzania (endangered amphibians), Russia (snow leopards and argali) and Brazil (river turtles).

James has degrees from the University of Maine, the University of Missouri, and Yale University.

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Richard Knab, Director of Strategic Partnerships

Richard KnabExpertise: Education curriculum reform, teacher training, challenges/opportunities for education in protected areas and remote settings, linkages between “place” and educational content.

Richard Knab has worked for Galapagos Conservancy since 2004. At present, he coordinates the Education for Sustainability program, but spent his first decade at GC fundraising for all program areas.

Richard has always focused on education, conservation and sustainable development in Latin America. Having served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Honduras from 1987-1990, he worked with small farmers on soil conservation, irrigation, and cooperative-related projects.

Following his Masters studies at the University of Pennsylvania, he began a 10-year stint with Zamorano University in Honduras, holding various positions related to project development, fundraising, institutional communications and strategic planning.

He is particularly passionate about opportunities in Galapagos to strengthen education, civil society and citizen engagement in conservation.

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LinkedIn: Richard Knab


Washington Tapia, Director of the Giant Tortoise Restoration Initiative (GTRI)

Wacho TapiaExpertise: Giant tortoise conservation and management, park regulations.

Washington (Wacho) Tapia joined Galapagos Conservancy as the Galapagos-based Director of the Giant Tortoise Restoration Initiative (GTRI) in 2014. A Galapagos native and reptile expert with decades of field experience, Wacho has been working for Galapagos conservation since volunteering at the tortoise and land iguana breeding and rearing centers at the Charles Darwin Research Station following high school.

Having earned his PhD from the University of Málaga, Wacho completed his graduate thesis on the giant tortoises of Cinco Cerros of southern Isabela Island. He then worked for the Galapagos National Park Directorate for 15 years, leading their science program and technical group.

His work involves constant collaboration with the Galapagos National Park Directorate. He coordinates and leads all GTRI fieldwork and plays a vital role in ecosystem conservation work in Galapagos.

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LinkedIn: Washington Tapia Aguilera


Roslyn Cameron, Galapagos Liaison

Ros CameronExpertise: Tourism impacts, local initiatives, general Galapagos knowledge, park rules and regulations (communication, filming permits).

Ros Cameron has worked with Galapagos Conservancy since 2012.

Ros is a long-term Galapagos resident and worked as an educator for many years before taking a more prominent role in conservation. She specializes in institutional promotion, having created and implemented strategic public relations programs and established integrated relationships with many sectors of the Galapagos community, while building strong partnerships with local and international organizations.

For many years, Ros was known as the face and voice of Galapagos conservation, representing first the Charles Darwin Foundation and later Galapagos Conservancy locally, throughout Ecuador and internationally. She is often the first point of contact for visitors, media and donors.

Ros has an integrated relationship with multiple sectors of the Galapagos community and considerable experience in successful fundraising with a special focus on support from major donors and corporations.


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