Galapagos Research

Galapagos Research

Galapagos Research is a research journal compiled and published by the Charles Darwin Foundation. Formerly known as Noticias de Galapagos, this publication has evolved from a trilingual (English, French, and Spanish) newsletter started in 1963 to become an international, peer-reviewed scientific journal. The publication covers topics relevant to science or nature conservation in Galapagos, including natural history, biology, ecology, evolution, conservation biology, geology, geography, history, human activity, and the management of biological diversity. Contributions from other geographical areas may also be considered, if the material is of immediate relevance to science or conservation in Galapagos.

As of 2016, Galapagos Research issue number 68 was printed in hard copy after a few years of only being available in PDF format. Copies of Galapagos Research from 2016 on are available in PDF form on the CDF Datazone website along with a searchable archive of all past issues. There are still limited quantities of past issues in print form; if you’re looking for a specific volume, please contact us at

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