Toward a shared vision of Galapagos: the archipelago as a socioecological system
Washington Tapia, Pablo Ospina, Diego Quiroga, Günther Reck, José  A. González, Carlos Montes, Eliécer Cruz, Bryan Milstead, Matthias Wolff, Graham Watkins, Carlos Carrion, Mario Piu, Marco Oviedo


Sexual abuse of children: an emerging social problem in Galapagos
Roberto Maldonado

A Galapagos identity
Hugo Barber and Pablo Ospina

The current status of the educational system in Galapagos
Marcela Mendieta and Kory Falconí

Value of the Basic and Essential Family Baskets in Galapagos
Andrea Marín Luna

Public acceptance of environmental restrictions
Hugo Barber and Pablo Ospina

Public opinion of institutional performance in Galapagos
Hugo Barber and Pablo Ospina

Gender and women’s rights in Galapagos
Rocío Rosero and Cecilia Valdivieso

Carrying Capacity vs. Acceptable Visitor Load: Semantics or a substantial change in tourism management?
Günther Reck, María Casafont, Magaly Oviedo, Walter Bustos and Edwin Naula

The changing organizational framework in Galapagos
Graham Watkins and Alejandro Martinez

General characteristics of the tourist fleet in Galapagos and its compliance with environmental standards
Mario Piu Guime and Edgar Muñoz H.

The Galapagos National Park entrance fee: A global perspective and options for the future
Reyna Oleas

Tourism in Galapagos: the tourist industry and installed capacity
Alejandra Ordóñez

Improved integration management of residual solids in Santa Cruz canton and the resulting decrease in solid wastes
Ulf Tosten Hardter

General trends in scientific research in Galapagos
Tatiana Santander, Washington Tapia, José  A. González, Carlos Montes, and Eddy Araujo


Advanced in the conservation of threatened plant species of Galapagos
Rachel Atkinson, Patricia Jaramillo, Walter Simbaña, Anne Guezou, and Vanesa Coronel

Bird mortality by vehicles
Gustavo Jiménez-Uzcátegui and Franklin Betancourt

Dispersal of insect species attracted to ship lights: Conservation implications for Galapagos
Lázaro Roque-Albelo, Edison Lomas Chauca, and Omar Castillo Gaona

The impact of ecotourism activities on wildlife and sessile benthic species in the Galapagos Marine Reserve
Priscilla Cubero-Pardo and Eddy Araujo Bastidas

Toward an ecosystem-based approach to fisheries: a risk analysis
César Peñaherrera and Alex Hearn

The consequences of herbivore eradication on Santiago: are we in time to prevent ecosystem degradation again?
Rachel Atkinson, Jorge Luis Renteria and Walter Simbaña

Pathogens and parasites: an increasing threat to the conservation of Galapagos avifauna
Sharon L. Deem, Marilyn Cruz, Gustavo Jiménez-Uzcátegui, Birgit Fessl, R. Eric Miller, and Patricia G. Parker

Perceptions of the status of the white fish fishery in the Galapagos Marine Reserve
Mauricio Castrejón

Cryptogams of the Galapagos Islands (lichens, bryophytes, and fungi): New records, threats, and potential as bioindicators—a first evaluation
Frank Bungartz, Fredy Iván Nugra-Salazar, Xavier Arturo-López, Frauke Ziemmeck, and Scott Bales

Risks associated with maritime routes to and within Galapagos
Charlotte Causton, Marnie Campbell, Chad Hewitt, and Ruth Boada

Water resource management: the Pelican Bay watershed
Noémi d’Ozouville



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