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Knowledge Management

Better data equals better conservation. Even the flamingoes will benefit from GC's efforts in improving Knowledge Management. (Photo by Andrea Wolcott)

Unlocking Information for Science and Conservation

CDRS Scientists in the field (CDRS)

The challenge. Although Galapagos is one of the most studied places in the world, access to basic scientific information is surprisingly difficult. Information is held in disperse archives and databases in Galapagos and around the world. There are no shared data collection and archiving protocols. Potential users of data often do not know what exists and as a result often duplicate research and data collection or make decisions based on incomplete and sometimes outdated information. In Galapagos there is a very real need for improved development of, access to, and use of knowledge about the Galapagos Islands to ensure effective natural resource management, decision-making, and policy development in support of biodiversity conservation and a sustainable society.

Our approach. Through the Knowledge Management initiative, we are building the growing awareness in Galapagos of the need to develop new ways to collect, store, share, and utilize information resources. The goal is to develop a unifying, accessible portal that will serve both as a destination for diverse data and as an easily accessible source of existing information that is needed for better public policy, research, and management.

Our partners. The Governing Council in Galapagos, the Galapagos National Park service, the Charles Darwin Foundation, local municipalities, ministries of the Ecuadorian government, and Ecuadorian and international universities are all collaborating in the Knowledge Management initiative.

We are working with our partners to:

  • Implement a multi-year, multi-institutional work plan to build the institutional capacity, relationships, infrastructure and protocols needed for improved knowledge management in Galapagos
  • Develop the infrastructure needed to engage and benefit from the observations of Citizen Scientists (both tourists and local residents)

For more information about our Knowledge Management initiative, contact

Tortoise Cam

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