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Emerging Issues

Blue-footed Boobies may be on the decline in Galapagos. GC is funding in-depth field studies to determine what could be the cause. Photo by Steve Spiegel

Recognizing the continually changing conditions in Galapagos, Galapagos Conservancy began a program to ensure timely identification and evaluation of emerging or sentinel conservation issues, in order to highlight new or potential problem areas before their impact becomes extensive and/or irreversible.

At present, Galapagos Conservancy is funding two projects that respond to anecdotal information received over the years by credible Galapagos experts who have expressed concern over the status of two iconic Galapagos bird species.

The Vermilion Flycatcher

The Blue-footed Booby

Rapid Response to Emerging Conservation Issues

This area of Galapagos Conservancy’s conservation priorities intersects research and implementation as well as emerging conservation issues, and may be better characterized as a funding vehicle rather than a program area.

“Rapid response” simply acknowledges that situations occur outside of planned investments in key areas to which Galapagos Conservancy should respond. Grants will be made in response to true emergencies for which we determine that, without immediate attention, there will be a negative impact on Galapagos biodiversity. These are situations for which a quick infusion of funding resources will significantly increase or improve our work and that of our conservation partners in Galapagos. 

Read about the investigation into unusually high marine iguana mortality in late 2013.


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